Mike Enemigo’s work is raw, authentic, and powerful. It’s made all the more remarkable by the fact that Mike’s books are written from inside a California prison. His work gives hope to incarcerated writers everywhere struggling to get their voices heard.– Kevin Deutsch, Award-winning True Crime Writer, Author of 'Pill City: How Two Honor Roll Students Foiled the Feds and Built a Drug Empire'
This author has a unique voice and his versatile pen is refreshing. Mike has my stamp of approval.– New York Times Best Selling Author JaQuavis Coleman


MIKE ENEMIGO is the new prison/street art sensation who has already written and published several books. He is inspired by emotion; hope, pain; dreams and nightmares. He physically lives somewhere in a California prison cell where he works relentlessly creating his next piece. His mind and soul are elsewhere; seeing, studying, learning, and drawing inspiration to tear down suppressive walls and inspire the culture by pushing artistic boundaries.


THE CELL BLOCK is an independent multimedia company with the objective of accurately conveying the prison/street experience and lifestyle with the credibility and honesty that only one who has lived it can deliver, through literature and other arts, and to entertain and enlighten while doing so. Everything published by The Cell Block has been created by a prisoner, while in a prison cell.


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