Jakevious Lynch #1595898

Prison: 355 Old Glenwood Rd

Gender: Male

DOB: December 6, 1992

Ethnicity: Black African American

Height: 5’ 6”

Hair: Black

Eye: Brown

Hometown: Gastonia, North Carolina

Relationship Status: Single

Interested In Writing To: Women

Looking For: Friendship

Convicted Of: 2nd Degree Murder

Release Date: 2023-2027

Website: No Access

Jakevious Lynch #1595898

My name is Kevi also known as YG. I have no kids and have luckily been given a third chance at life. As you know the system is meant to break you but it has only made me stronger and wiser. I indulge myself in reading, exercising and trying my best to learn other languages. I have eliminated a lot of negative things out of y life and around me. Not only so I can make better choices but to be at peace with myself. I like making people laugh and happy because knowing that you created that energy in someone else is just amazing! What else is amazing is how people turn they back on you after you catch your time and not there to celebrate with you when you give it all back. But at the end of the day its my journey and mines alone. I’m looking to meet someone positive that is strong hearted and level-headed that has an amazing glow about their self. That wouldn’t mind taking the time out to get to know me. I’m protective, smart, have a great sense of humor and serious when need to be. Well, that’s enough about me its time for you to hit me up and tell me about yourself. I’ll always do my best to make sure that writing me was the best decision you ever made. Loneliness is a terrible thing!

Truly yours, Kevi

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