“Mike and The Cell Block run the book-publishing game like Death Row ran West Coast rap. I stamp this movement and Mike has my full support!”

– Suge ‘The Mobfather’ Knight

“My man Mike represents the west coast like a literary OG! I respect his grind and pen game! Look out for The Cell Block!”


“Mike Enemigo is the truth. An emerging writer who plies his trade inside the belly of the beast. A convict author of epic proportions, reaching out to the world with his pen as he fights an unjust system.”

– Seth Ferranti, writer/producer of White Boy (STARZ)

“This author has a unique voice and his versatile pen is refreshing. Mike has my stamp of approval.”


MIKE ENEMIGO is America’s #1 incarcerated author and founder of The Cell Block. Mike Enemigo is a recognized authority on the topics of prison, street culture, gangs and true crime. As a former gang member and drug dealer who’s been incarcerated since February 23, 1999, for a 1998 murder, he began writing “seriously” in 2010 in an effort to change his life around and “make something of himself,” despite incarceration. Now, in an effort to help prisoners, street hustlers and the youth avoid the dead-end traps of crime and prison, he has written several self-help and how-to books that show how to improve oneself, navigate prison successfully, and make money legally.

THE CELL BLOCK is an independent multimedia and publishing company (and owner of Death Row Publishing & Entertainment) that specializes in providing an authentic look into prison and street culture. The Cell Block has published many of America’s top books, both fiction and nonfiction, on the topics of prison, street culture, gangs, crime, and how-to information for prisoners and street hustlers that show how to navigate the American prison system and streets successfully. Every book published by The Cell Block is written by an American prisoner.

Seth’s documentary “White Boy.”

In 1980s Detroit, 17-year-old Richard Wershe, Jr. allegedly ran a sophisticated inner-city drug-dealing operation. Now, journalists, police, federal agents and hit men are speaking for the first time about the legend of “White Boy Rick.”

Available now on STARZ
White Boy