The Millionaire Prisoner 5: Free Money



Seeking an end to your money problems? Look no further! Here’s a master blueprint that reveals all that’s available! TMP 5: FREE MONEY is your complete roadmap to finding all the FREE Money options out there for convicts. You won’t be able to put it down!

With this book, you’ll DISCOVER the SECRETS to:

  1. Getting FREE Money for incarcerated veterans;
  2. What grants are available for artists & writers;
  3. FREE Money for college classes that you NEVER have to pay back;
  4. Use crowdfunding to get Money for your business projects;
  5. How to travel the world & get paid for doing it;
  6. Find FREE public information that you can use & sell;
  7. Build your personal credit and get FREE Money Bonuses;
  8. Where to get FREE legal assistance from;
  9. Help your baby mama get FREE stuff for her & the kids;
  10. One website that will show you what’s available just for you.

All of this and much more! This book shows you where and how.

Here’s what others are saying about TMP:

“TMP is a terrific guidebook for prisoners who desire to make something more of their life, even while in custody.” – Christopher Zoukis, author of Federal Prison Handbook

“I never knew books like this existed until now. TMP books are like a treasure map leading to El Dorado, the lost city of gold!” – Jason “Chille” Cook, IL prisoner

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The Millionaire Prisoner 5: Free Money
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