Prison Legal Guide


The laws of the U.S. Judicial system are complex, complicated, and always growing and changing. Many prisoners spend days on end digging through its intricacies. Pile on top of the legal code the rules and regulations of a correctional facility, and you can see how high the deck is being stacked against you. Correct legal information is the key to your survival when you have run afoul of the system (or it is running afoul of you). Whether you are an accomplished jailhouse lawyer helping newbies learn the ropes, an old head fighting bare-knuckle for your rights in the courts, or a hustler just looking to beat the latest write-up – this book has something for you! Freebird Publishers has drawn from the best, up-to-date, legal offerings of the Lewisburg Prison Project, to create this comprehensive guide to your legal rights. Learn legal procedures, terms, judicial laws, court policies and more to help on the road to reentry. With this information in hand, you are well equipped to beat the charge or fight back against the persecution. There are many of us out here on your side. Never give up the struggle.

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