Hood Millionaire


Hustlin’ is a way of life in the hood. We all have money motivated ambitions, not only because we gotta eat, but because status is oftentimes determined by one’s own salary. To achieve what we consider financial success, we often invest our efforts into illicit activities — we take penitentiary chances. This leads to a life in and out of prison, sometimes death — both of which are counterproductive to gettin’ money. But there’s a solution to this, and I have it…

Hood Millionaire: How to Hustle & Win Legally is the official hustler’s handbook for block bleeders and go-getters to learn how to hustle and win legally in their quest for wealth and prosperity. Produced by self-made millionaire prisoner Mike Enemigo and self-made hood millionaire Sav Hustle, this book will give you the secrets to success. You will get the closely-guarded game on subjects like: The 20 Secret Habits of Self-Made Millionaires; How to Make a Fortune Selling Real Estate…That You Don’t Own!; How to Fatten Your Pockets Using Amazon; How to Sell Water to a Whale; How to Start Your Own Independent Rap Label in Just 9 Steps. You will learn How One Hustler Made 20 Million Dollars, and You Can, Too; and How a Teen Averages $2,800 a Month From a Little-Known Secret. All of this and much, much more! Stop taking UNNECESSARY changes. Increase your odds of success today by learning what it is “they” don’t want YOU to know and start gettin’ REAL money. Join the movement and become the next self-made millionaire in your hood!

Also published as Get Out, Get Rich.

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Hood Millionaire
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