Loyalty & Betrayal Deluxe Edition


Chunky was an associate of and soldier for the notorious Mexican Mafia — La Eme. That is, of course, until he was betrayed by those he was most loyal to. Then he vowed to become their worst enemy. Though they’ve attempted to kill him numerous times, he still to this day is running around making a mockery of their organization.

Loyalty & Betrayal: Special Deluxe Edition contains the original Loyalty & Betrayal book that started it all; “The Lost Chapters’, which is the prequel to the original book; the brand-new release of Loyalty & Betrayal part 2; and an exclusive, never-before published interview of Armando “Chunky” Ibarra detailing what life has been like since the release of the highly controversial Loyalty & Betrayal story.

You will never guess how this story ends. You do NOT want to miss this…

Mike Enemigo’s work is raw, authentic, and powerful. It’s made all the more remarkable by the fact that Mike’s books are written from inside a California prison. His work gives hope to incarcerated writers everywhere struggling to get their voices heard.– Kevin Deutsch, Award-winning True Crime Writer, Author of ‘Pill City: How Two Honor Roll Students Foiled the Feds and Built a Drug Empire’.

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Loyalty & Betrayal Deluxe Edition
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