The Prison Manual


The Prison Manual is your all-in-one book on how to not only survive the rough terrain of the American prison system, but use it to your advantage so you can THRIVE from it! Written by Mike Enemigo, America’s #1 incarcerated author who’s been locked up since 1999 and specializes in prisoner how-to info and self-help publications, and with guest contributions by prisoners from all over the country, whether you’re a first-timer or old-timer, this book will give you the secrets and strategies to turning your negative (prison) into a positive so you can get your life on the track of success! Inside this book you will learn things such as: How to Use Your Prison Time to YOUR Advantage; How to Write Letters that Will Give You Maximum Effectiveness; Workout and Physical Health Secrets that Will Keep You as FIT as Possible; The Psychological Impact of Incarceration and How to Maintain Your MAXIMUM Level of Mental Health; Prison Art Techniques; Fulfilling Food Recipes; Parole Preparation Strategies and much, MUCH more!

Don’t just sit in prison, wasting time, rotting away in misery and letting “them” win. Improve your circumstances, live the best you possibly can, use your time to YOUR advantage, and if you’re fortunate enough to be getting out, STAY OUT

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The Prison Manual
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