Sosa: The Reign (Book Two)


In book one of this mega-hit series, Sosa: The Price of Power, Elvira appealed to Sosa to protect her from the Miami Cuban Mafia (MCM), who were trying to force her to hand over millions of dollars left by her dead husband. Surprised but eager, Sosa sent a couple of his best assassins to Miami to neutralize the MCM and muscle them into backing off the pregnant bombshell. Now Elvira (who may or may not know Sosa had Tony Montana hit) has made a new ally and friend, but with her husband out of the picture, Sosa finds himself in need of a solid business contact inside of the USA.

With Dr. Orlando Gutierrez assassinated, Sosa and his powerful crime syndicate literally has brand-new life and partners: The CIA. Sosa was expressly requested by the Americans to assist them with helping the Nicaraguan Contra Army stay afloat in the fight against the Sandinista Government. In return, Sosa demands that U.S. Marine Colonel Oliver North allow his organization – La Corporacion Mafia Cruenza – be allowed to fly fifty jets several times per week into the United States.

While Sosa, his Mafia, the CIA and President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor were involved in one of the most blatant and unethical conspiracies in American history, Elvira focuses on her pregnancy… and learns what real power feels like. As she absorbs that feeling, she learns also that she can’t outrun demons buried in her past. To deal with them, she writes a book entitled Dark Flight.

It was a can of worms best kept closed….

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Sosa: The Reign (Book Two)
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