Sosa: The Price of Power (Book One)


The 1983 classic gangster film Scarface wooed over a billion fans worldwide, but it ended in the abrupt, violent massacre of Tony and his squad at the behest of ruthless Bolivian crime boss, Alejandro Sosa.

Since then, Scarface has birthed a nation of diehards who have been waiting decades for a Hollywood response.

The wait is now over.

Tony is dead, but his legacy lives inside of Elvira, who has resurfaced in the riveting masterpiece saga entitled: Sosa: The Price of Power.

First, Sosa must scramble to pick up the pieces which were left shattered by the betrayal of Tony. The true Scarface fan will be glued to the coldblooded cunning, the bigger-than-life characters who Sosa surrounds himself with, and the skilled moves he makes on an international scale.

For the blonde bombshell, the game becomes life or death. Who can’t remember Tony’s enemies: Gaspar Gomez, the Diaz brothers and others? They are the Miami Cuban Mafia and are hunting Elvira down for the huge nine-figure fortune her husband left behind….

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Sosa: The Price of Power (Book One)
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