City of Gods


In 1983, the movie Scarface inspired many kids growing up in America’s inner cities to turn their rags into riches by becoming cocaine kingpins. Harlem’s Azie Faison was one of them. Faison would ultimately connect with Harlem’s Rich Porter and Alpo Martinez, and the trio would go on to become certified street legends of the ’80s and early ’90s. Years later, Dame Dash and Roc-A-Fella Films would tell their story in the based-on-actual-events movie, Paid in Full.


But now, we are telling the story our way — The Cell Block way — where you will get a perspective of the story that the movie did not show, ultimately learning an outcome that you did not expect.


Book one of our series, City of Gods: Welcome to da Game, will give you an inside look at a key player in this story, one that is not often talked about — Lulu, the Columbian cocaine kingpin with direct ties to Pablo Escobar, who plugged Azie in with an unlimited amount of top-tier cocaine at dirt-cheap prices that helped boost the trio to neighborhood superstars and certified kingpin status… until greed, betrayal, and murder destroyed everything….

Also published as Paid in Full.

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City of Gods
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