Devils & Demons Part 4


After waking up from a coma, Alize has locked herself away from the rest of the world. When her sister Brittany and their friend finally take her on a girl’s night out, she meets Luck – a drug dealing womanizer.

Things get complicated when the Columbian sisters who were with B.A. when he killed Mike in the first book of this series slide into the picture; it triggers a psychotic breakdown in the murderess known as Ze. Follow your favorite Devil as she explodes in her unpredictable actions of rage!

This is the fourth book in the Devils & Demons series, but it can also be read as book two. Once again, publishing boss Mike Enemigo and street lit legend and screenwriter Kwame “Dutch” Teague has collaborated with The Cell Block’s very own hitmaker, King Guru, to bring you this urban saga that promises to have you turning pages till your fingers bleed!

Devils & Demons Part 4
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