California Prison Stories


California’s prison system is one of the most infamous in America. Not only because it has some of the most brutal and famous prisons in the country, but also because it houses, or has housed, some of the most notorious criminals this country has ever seen. Countless movies have been made and books written in an attempt to paint a vivid picture of this dangerous community, but none of been done as accurately as this one.

In California Prison Stories, Mike Enemigo, America’s #1 incarcerated author who himself has been serving life since 1999, has compiled a riveting collection of true stories, essays, articles and other writings, written from inside the belly of the beast, by those living in it, about the notorious Devil’s Playground. From George Jackson’s revolutionary efforts and ultimate reign of terror, to Joe “Pegleg” Morgan, the Mexican Mafia’s white Godfather who ruled with an iron fist; from Crip’s co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ life on Death Row, to the notorious and bloody gladiator fights in Corcoran State Prison and much, much more, this book will give you a true, insider’s view into one of the most brutal and dangerous places on earth, directly from those who have lived it….

California Prison Stories
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