Pimpology: The 7isms of the Game


It’s been said that if you knew better you’d do better. So, in the spirit of dropping jewels upon the rare few who truly want to know how to win, this collection of exclusive Game has been compiled. And though a lot of so-called players claim to know how the Pimp Game is supposed to go, none have revealed the real. . . Until now!

As a cross-country practitioner of professional paper chasm’ activities, Manny Fresh has become one of the best players in the Game of makin’ somethin’ out of nothin’. The extensive experience he’s gathered along the way is the foundation of this raw, uncut collection of instructions that will make anyone a master of the Game!

Pimpology will captivate you with Pimp Principles and Player Perspectives from start to finish. Packed with proof of the truth and testimonial stories that show how to apply this timeless philosophy, the mind-blowing information contained in these pages are sure to change the life of anyone who reads, remembers, and replaces what they think they know, with what they’ll learn from The 7 Isms of the Game!

This book is a never-before-seen revelation of the mindset that every properly taught boss should possess. No one who reads these words will ever be the same, because once you know better, you guaranteed to go better!

Pimpology: The 7isms of the Game
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