Growing up in the Bay Area, Manny Fresh the Best had a front-row seat to some of the coldest players to ever do it. And you already know, A.O.B. is the name of the Game! So When Manny Fresh slides through Stockton one day and sees Rosa, a stupid-bad Mexican chick with a whole lotta ‘talent’ behind her walking down the street tryna get some money, he knew immediately what he had to do: Put it In My Pocket!

From none to one to some, Manny Fresh begins to build his team, gettin’ money from city to city and state to state. But as his success grows, an abundance of haters and suckas are not far behind, waiting for an opportunity to knock him down. Treachery seeps into the Game, threatening to poison what he’s built, but will Manny crumble under the forces determined to crush him? Or, will he overcome them and take he and his team to the top?

Based on author Manny Fresh’s real-life experiences in the Game of Mackin’ and Stackin’, A.O.B. will take you into a world known by only a chosen few to show you how authentic players and pimps do what they do. And with the support of publishing boss Mike Enemigo and street-lit legend and screenwriter Kwame “Dutch” Teague, you already know the A.O.B. series is sure to be another banger!

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