Blinded By Betrayal


Khalil wanted nothing more than to chase his rap dream when he got out of prison. After all, a fellow inmate had connected him with a major record producer that could help him take his career to unimaginable heights, and his girl is in full support of his desire to trade in his gun for a mic.

Problem is, Khalil’s crew, the notorious Blood Money Squad, awaited him with open arms, unaware of his desire to leave the game alone, and expected him to jump head first into the life of fast money and murder.

Will Khalil be able to balance his desire to get out of the game with the expectations of his gang to participate in it? Will he be able to pull away before it’s too late? Or, will the streets pull him right back in, ultimately causing his demise?

One thing for sure, the streets are loyal to no one, and blood money comes with bloody consequences….

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Blinded By Betrayal
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