As reported, on Wednesday, June 14, Boosie appeared at court in San Diego for a gun charge he caught last month. The case was dismissed, however, as soon as Boosie walked out of court, he was apprehended by federal authorities, for charges that are unknown at this time.

Not long after his arrest, Charleston White went into a lengthy rant on IG Live and laughed at Boosie’s legal troubles, claiming the rapper got what he “asked for.”

“You done got away with five murders, and everybody says that VladTV is the feds. ‘He ain’t got me locked up!’ [laughs] Remember, Boosie? You said that. ‘If Vlad is the feds, why he ain’t got me locked up?’ [laughs],” he began, referencing the rapper’s recent comments about DJ Vlad’s divisive YouTube platform, on which he’s a regular guest. “You got what you asked for, n-gga.

“Now, God done also gave you what you asked for. You want to be a hero to the streets? You want to be a hero to the ghetto? You want to be a street prophet? So God needs a Daniel. And who better to play Daniel than you? Remember, Daniel had to go in the lions’ den and show everybody that God is real and he don’t get ate up by the lions. God done chose you to play Daniel for us, Boosie.”
White — a reformed gang leader who often ruffles feathers with his outspoken commentary — continued by warning Boosie Badazz that he’s most likely facing prison time considering the feds don’t play around.

“Since you so muthafucking gangsta and you got all these gangsta codes and ethics, put your suit on like Melle Mel, n-gga, ’cause you ’bout to be sentenced,” he said. “When the feds come, they don’t come just to be — ‘Oops, I made a mistake!’ No, when the feds show up, they done dotted their i’s, crossed their t’s, and they know they got you.”

What do y’all think about this?