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Joe Morgan Story

THE JOE MORGAN STORY: HE WAS THE GODFATHER OF THE MEXICAN MAFIA. HE WAS ALSO WHITE. Joe Morgan was born April 10, 1929, to Croatian immigrants in San Pedro, California. Shortly after, he and his mother moved to the Maravilla Projects in East Los Angeles, and in the late 1930s he joined Ford Maravilla — […]

Underworld Zilla

UNDERWORLD ZILLA Yada was sitting low in the driver’s seat of his car. It was parked next to a trash bin in the back of the parking lot, across from room 112. Yada was waiting for Alize to show up with the weed Nirobi – Yada’s cousin and crime partner – was gonna “buy,” so […]

Corona Quarantine in Prison

CORONA QUARANTINE IN PRISON Everyone in the world has been affected in one or another by COVID-19. It’s a trip how fast a respiratory disease can travel from a place called Wahun, China to a prison in central California. For the last month we’ve been on modified program, limiting our movements to “protect” us from […]