Yada was sitting low in the driver’s seat of his car. It was parked next to a trash bin in the back of the parking lot, across from room 112. Yada was waiting for Alize to show up with the weed Nirobi – Yada’s cousin and crime partner – was gonna “buy,” so he could follow her back to her place of residence and jack the bitch. As he sat there alone, he thought about how he would take his Buick straight to the paint shop after robbing Ze for everything she had. He was tired of riding around in a bucket with its back window busted out. He couldn’t even open his trunk without the help of a screwdriver. Now that he had money, it was time to upgrade.

He was in the process of fantasizing about trips to Miami when he saw the burgundy Malibu pull into the parking space directly in front of room 112. A white girl with red hair and a fat ass stepped out of the driver’s side. That’s gotta be Ze right there, Yada thought to himself. He knew she was a stripper, and he could see why a nigga would throw money at that. Then the passenger side opened and another female got out. This one was shorter, but just as sexy. She was wearing a white button-up and a pair of capris.

They both had on stilettoes and large sunglasses. They weren’t the normal tennis-shoe-wearing females that he was used to dealing with. This intrigued him, so he decided to take a closer look, and after Nirobi opened the door and let them inside, Yada switched the game plan.

When the girls stepped inside the motel room, they were welcomed by the aroma of expensive weed and liquor. It was obvious that Nirobi had rented the room to party. That was cool with the girls; free weed and drinks were always welcome.
Nirobi led them to the couch. After they sat down, he said, “Man, Ze, I didn’t know you was bringing a friend.”

“This is my sister, Brittany. Brit-Brit, this is Nirobi.” Brittany purposely blushed, making herself look innocently cute.

“I brought the trees,” began Ze, “but it’s in the car.”

“That’s cool, I got the money right–”

Nirobi was cut off in mid-sentence when the door suddenly opened and a light-skinned man wearing a diamond O.P. pendant that looked exactly like Talton’s stepped inside. For those of you who don’t know, Talton is a known gangsta from Oak Park, a grimy neighborhood in Sacramento, California, ran by Underworld Zilla Bloods.

Alize shot up out of her seat, “What the hell is this?”
“It’s good,” said Nirobi. “This is my cousin, Yada. He’s cool.” Nirobi was surprised at the sudden change of plans. He wasn’t sure what would happen next, but he hoped Yada had decided to hang out with the females before they did anything; he was dying for a chance to mess around with Alize.

Ze didn’t like surprises, but her sister did. Brittany stood up, extending her hand towards the light-skinned intruder. “How you doing, Mr.Yada? I’m Brit-Brit, and this is my sister, Alize.”

Yada took Brittany’s hand and said, “Nice to meet you Brit-Brit.” Then he turned to look at Alize; “My bad if I caught you off guard. I was just–”

“I knew you were out there. You were sitting in the scraper next to the trash bin.”

Damn, she’s sharp, thought Yada. “Yeah, I was rollin’ a blunt. When I saw you show up I came in to introduce myself. My cousin tells me you got pounds, but he didn’t tell me you had a friend.”

“She’s my sister,” said Ze.
“Shit… that’s what’s up,” continued Yada. “Go ahead, get settled in. Let your hair down, have a few drinks, let’s smoke some trees.”

“You only live once”

Alize did a quick inventory of the situation. Brittany was giving her a look of approval; it seemed like everything was on the up and up. She really didn’t have anywhere else to be, and it had been a long time since she and her sister had partied together, so why not? You only live once, she told herself. “You know what… I can use a drink. And somebody needs to put on some music.”

After that, it was on. Nirobi put on a J. Cole CD, and before long, everyone was tipsy. Alize found the thermometer and turned up the heat. In no time, the guys were in their boxers and the sisters were almost naked. Brittany was wearing a pink bra with matching boy shorts. Alize had on lace; Victoria’s Secret. Smoke was in the air, drinks were spilling and the mood was festive.

It wasn’t long before Brittany and Yada went to the bathroom to take a shower together. That’s when Alize found herself alone with Nirobi. She hadn’t had sex in months and couldn’t think of a reason why a little casual sex shouldn’t happen. Nirobi wasn’t bad looking. In the back of her mind, she had always wondered what it would be like being with him, so she went for it.
Somewhere in the background, she heard a phone vibrating. From the sound of its location, she could tell that it was her phone. Nevertheless, she ignored it, choosing sex with Nirobi over business.

Nirobi was sitting on the couch watching Ze dance. Earlier they had moved the coffee table, so nothing was blocking her from seductively gyrating towards the young thug. He was memorized by the way she ran her fingers through her hair and manipulated her hips.

Alize worked her way towards Nirobi, eventually kneeling down in front of him; all the while, keeping constant eye contact with him as she took his boxers off. She then spread his legs and looked at his penis. That’s when she found herself face-to-face with the smallest dick she had ever seen on a grown man. It was maybe two inches long, and as thick as her pinky. If she had had any goals of getting her cat beat up, they were crushed at the sight of his childlike manhood.

“She would’ve broke out laughing if it weren’t so sad”

A part of her wanted to get up right then and there, but that would’ve been cruel. Instead, she took his penis between her thumb and index finger, holding it up while she put her lips on it. Alize had enough experience with different-sized men, but this was comical. His manhood wouldn’t even reach to the back of her throat. Instead of deep throating it, the only thing she could do was massage it with her tongue. She would’ve broke out laughing if it weren’t so sad, so she did her best with what he had.

Luckily her mate was a premature ejaculator; she was saved by his lack of sexual control. The moment she tasted his cum in her mouth she quickly climbed his body and kissed him on the mouth, transferring his own fluids from her mouth into his. She would’ve never done that to a man she respected, but this was turning out to be a joke.

As they were kissing, Alize positioned herself beneath Nirobi. Then she pushed him down until his body was off the couch and his face was in between her legs. She then took off her panties and bra and leaned back as far as she could, putting the bottom of her feet on the edge of the couch. After that she spread her thighs so that her wet pussy was in Nirobi’s face.
Alize had thick pussy lips. So thick that they had to be physically parted in order for someone to see the entrance to her vagina.

Before Nirobi spread open her lower lips he saw her swollen clitoris sticking out like a tiny penis. And, once he did open them, he couldn’t believe how small her pussy was.

Ze’s sex cave was wet with eagerness. Nirobi was so close he could see the liquids slowly oozing out of it. He took two fingers and saturated them in her juices, then stuck them inside of her. The sudden penetration forced Alize to pull back, but not for long. Within seconds, she began rocking her hips to the rhythm of his foreplay. Then Nirobi put his mouth on her clit and started massaging it with his tongue like she had done to him only moments earlier.

In the background, Ze heard pounding coming from the bathroom. Her sister was yelling like Yada’s dick was killing her. She would’ve been jealous if it weren’t for the fact that Nirobi’s tongue play was above average. He sucked her clit at the same time as he tickled her G-spot with the tips of his fingers.

With his fingers inside of her, Alize started rocking her body faster and faster. It felt surprisingly invigorating; so much so that she soon felt an orgasm mounting. All the while, her sister was moaning loudly in the background. And, could that have been her phone vibrating again? She didn’t care… she was about to cum!

All she wanted to do was reach that summit. “Keep going, Nirobi! Don’t stop, God damn it!” She couldn’t hold it any longer; she needed a penis no matter how small it was. Ze grabbed Nirobi roughly, pulling him on top of her, sliding his diminutive phallus into her tight subway. All in one motion she reached around his back and slid her middle and index fingers into his rectum. It all happened so fast, Nirobi didn’t have a chance to react. Alize then used her tight grip to control his body, pushing and pulling him in and out of her as fast and as hard as she possibly could; the whole time, digging her fingers into his anus maliciously.

“Don’t stop!” yelled Ze as she pulled him against her body. “Don’t fucking stop!”

Nirobi couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to. Alize had her eyes shut while she masturbated with his body. Then, suddenly she began shaking uncontrollably. She had finally reached the peak she had longed for. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through her loins, shocking her senses. She didn’t want the moment to end. She kept her fingers inside of him as if daring him to stop, not letting him go until she had sucked every ounce of erotic energy from his soul.

A few seconds went by, then she heard her phone again. She also realized that the moaning in the bathroom had stopped. Her pussy felt good, but she had to snap back to reality. It wasn’t the painful, dominating sex that she wanted from Talton, yet it was pleasing. Nirobi had been better than her fingers in the shower.

Alize disengaged herself from Nirobi, then gave him a little push, causing him to roll onto the spot next to her. Seeing the shocked expression on his face made her laugh out loud.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked. “It looks like you just got violated.” Alize smiled as she stood up. Still naked, she walked towards the table where her phone was at. After picking it up she headed toward the bathroom. She didn’t knock on the door; she was deliberately trying to catch a glimpse at the piece of flesh that made her sister scream so loud. But when she stepped in, all she found was Brittany kissing a towel-clad Yada. “Girl, I gotta pee,” said Ze as she walked around them.

Yada snickered when Alize sat on the toilet. Then he said, “I guess I’ll give y’all some girl time.” After giving Brittany one last kiss, he left the room.

As soon as the door shut behind him, the girls looked at one another and started giggling.
“Damn, bitch!” said Ze. “It sounded like he was killing you!”
“He’s a beast, sis! Oh, my God… it was so big it was ugly. And he wouldn’t stop. He just kept ramming that thing up in me! God, that dick was good. What about yours? You look like you just busted a good one.”
“I’ll tell you later.”
“Tell me what?”

Alize had started checking her text messages. The first one read: Attached is a video from last night. If you recognize this guy, GET AT ME ASAP!!!

Ze activated the video link and gasped when she realized what she was watching.
“What’s wrong?” asked Brittany.
“It’s a video of my friend’s brother getting killed.”
“For real? Move, let me see!” Brittany leaned in and watched for several seconds before saying, “Oh fuck! Ze, that’s Yada!”

Suddenly on alert, Alize said, “I know. Listen, go out there and get our clothes. Don’t act suspicious, just get our stuff. Hurry up!”
“What’re you gonna do?”
“Just get our stuff, we’re leaving.”

To be continued….

When Talton leaves the West Coast to set up shop in Florida, he meets the female version of himself: A drug-dealing murderess with psychological issues. A whirlwind of sex, money and murder inevitable ensues and Talton finds himself on the run from the law with nowhere to turn to. When his team from home finds out he’s in trouble, they get on a plane heading south….

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