“It’s like every time we try to help a person, somewhere down the line he catches an epiphany, abandons his own dreams, and attempts to take over ours! The amazing part about this is, they usually expect us to help them do it! People are unbelievable! Have us wondering what do we give off to persuade this type of treachery! Thus, another rival is born!

I tell apprentices all the time, ‘you have to find your own niche to be successful.’ I looked at other DVDs and magazines and realized what they weren’t providing, then went to the extreme to provide it! But no matter what I say, in the end, they always want what we got. But I can’t help but think of the Great Boxer Roy Jones Jr when he says, ‘I just make what I do look easy!’ And I smile in triumph as our new enemy dive headfirst into the game. I will be overjoyed as they crash into total ruin! Why must we always want and try to take what another man has?!

They did not know I was groomed by official pimps and players in my youth. It was years of watching these players at work before I finally got it right. They did not know how I locked myself in the house for many months to master Photoshop after getting fucked over by coons! They did not know I went through hell to master this thirty-five-hundred-dollar camera! And no one would help me! Those that did try to torture me with power games!

It was like pulling teeth to get information out of them sucks. Everything tried to hinder me from my success! SoI marvel when these fools run up on a stripper and just take her picture! I roar with laughter when they get cursed the fuck out after shining that bright-ass light on dancers, talking about, ‘Can I film you?’ Are these clowns insane! It’s a wonder these strippers don’t stab, shoot, or have the bouncers beat the shit out of them fools. It’s an art to that, and I’ve made many mistakes to finally become a grandmaster at it. After I fucked up so many pictures, I had to study months to learn proper lighting. And who will Photoshop their pictures after? The going rate is ninety dollars to edit three or four pics. They never think about this. Just so anxious to take over what the next man built. It took many months of learning Final Cut Pro movie editing software. I sacrificed and mastered this shit after a few fuck boys tried to overcharge me!

I laugh when clowns put themselves on DVD covers! Who the fuck are you?! Who? Why should anyone buy it? Fools! It took years to build up my character Sub 0 Man before I placed myself on a cover of my own DVD. Even then I had enough sense to have a beautiful Phat Ass with me on the cover, or wiggling while I talked about profound matters. I knew if you didn’t care to see me, then you had to be stuck on that beautiful, young Phat Ass that always appeared wiggling next to me!

I laugh when a few store owners told me how these new DVD buffoons come in the stores tryna take down my posters and get their DVDs and magazines on shelves! These fools don’t know anything about bar codes, tax ID numbers, or any type of business protocol to be considered legal. FBI will raid and shut down these stores because of you. Your amateur garbage is considered bootleg! Illegal! $20,000 fine! Nobody taught me shit! I went to the Small Business Association website and followed it step by step!

It took months to master Dream Weaver software to build my own website! Everyone wanted to charge me seven thousand dollars for what I needed. I said, Hell no, I’ll buy the software and build it myself!!

I always tell my youth: ‘You’re not official until you have a website!’ If you plan to sell something from the site, set up a legal business! And give it a name other than your government.

Then you have to set up a PayPal account. Before you set up a PayPal account you have to have a fuckin’ bank account to send the money to.

If you plan for people to send checks or money orders, then you have to have a place of business or a P.O. Box. You don’t want these checks and money orders addressed to your name and home address. One reason is that disgruntled customers will be knocking at your door!

To my readers, to become successful you have to fill a niche!! Do what no one else is doing! Or improve on what they’ve done! Study and master your craft thoroughly so if an employee leaves or you have to fire people, business doesn’t stop, because you can fill the spot yourself until you hire a replacement. Never have your empire depending on the strength of another. That person would run you ragged! He/she knows you need them, and will let you down every time! You should be doing what you love, and what you love should never feel like work because this is what you do! You should strive to be the best at what you do, and/or be the only one doing it how you do it! We know the other magazine dudes can’t ask the models the bold questions we ask. They will get cursed the fuck out! They just not built like that. We know these other magazine dudes can’t give you all good games, real advice, wisdom, or articles like we do. They’re lames, sugar daddies, tricks and perverts — funny looking cameramen in the game to just get a glimpse of some pussy.”

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