Emory “Vegas” Jones, a close friend of Jay-Z, explained how he secured Jay-Z’s trust during his 16-year prison bid for drug distribution.


“From day one, the main thing I did to set the tone was when I used to call home I would tell my brothers, ‘Y’all don’t owe me nothing.’ It start there. What we did for each other, we did from [the heart],” he said.


“So once you clear that slate coming from me, that’s that balance right there. I can’t look at it like you and the world owe me something. That’s where we go wrong when we go in the system.”


Jay-Z saluted Emory Jones while Emory was behind bars and touched on their bond in his song “Do U Wanna Ride,” on Jigga’s 2006 album, Kingdom Come.


“The first thing I told him was, ‘We don’t need to do a song to solidify who we are. We know who we are for each other,'” says Jones. According to Jones, he was moved to tears by the song, and Jay’s music is what got him through his last years.


Jones was released in 2016 and became the Head of Lifestyle at Roc Nation and a cofounder of the Paper Planes apparel brand. He also landed a partnership deal with Puma.


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