In a recent interview with Cam Capone News, former MMG rapper Gunplay shared his thoughts about the current state of affairs re coconspirators-turned-confidential informants.

“It don’t matter,” he said. “People don’t care about the integrity like that — the street code, and having integrity like that, it’s just gone. You can snitch now, and it’s okay. You can actually snitch and brag about it.”

He continued: “You can be a male rapper one day, and the next day be a female rapper. It’s okay. And then, one day, you know, you can be married one day — and then the next day, be married to a fuckin’ giraffe or some shit, or a tree. Look at the game, man! Look at this shit! You don’t see this shit? Am I the only one seeing this shit? It’s over. Morals is gone.”

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