Extraterrestrial Music Group is an Independent Record Label founded in October 2020 By 24-year-old Tyriee Kasper better known as “TK” in the industry. Extraterrestrial specializes in management, development, and distribution but has recently branched into the gaming industry with “ETMG Gaming” who is off to a fast start. The sole purpose of the label is to use TK’s pain/ experiences to help guide artists and business owners to peace & success while changing the world. In just over a year Extraterrestrial has managed to build a global platform, done 3 tours, and guide many creatives to Independent success.

Website https://www.extraterrestrialmusicgroup.net/
Instagram https://instagram.com/extraterrestrialmusicgroup?utm_medium=copy_link
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/100335322026085/posts/314279157298366/
Youtube https://youtube.com/channel/UCmRzZBZKOdt3D8KrWX2UMHA