By King GuruPretty Girls Love Bad Boys

I’m writing this missive directly to all the Pretty Girls who’re in love with, or who’re contemplating opening the door to their heart for a Bad Boy to enter. When females open one of my PRETTY GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS books, the first thing that seems to come to their mind is King Guru is teaching men how to manipulate women. This is a major misconception that I need to clear up right now. That fact is, prison is filled with men who have a lot of love to give. The problem is, this environment doesn’t teach us the skills to properly develop nurturing relationships with women. What this movement is really about is teaching men how to communicate with strong and intelligent women.

It seems like the media makes a lot of money selling drama. I’ve read about cases where people have gotten played in “lonely hearts” scams. I’m always gonna keep it one-hundred in all my writings, so there’s no sugar coating my messages. Yes, you got people in here who will Game you something drastic. Prison wasn’t created to warehouse saints. The thing is, mathematically speaking, the number of men who are sincerely looking for love outside of these walls outnumber the shysters 100 to 1! I know this because I’m here living with these same men who I speak of. Over the last couple of decades there’s been a paradigm shift. Instead of convicts looking to hustle a vic, real men are trying to meet women so they can get married and go home to a loving family.

Pretty Girls, prison is the best place for you all to find love. Imagine having everything you’ve ever loved snatched away from you. Then imagine having to live day after day in solitude. After that, take into consideration how the human mind works. Men are malleable, we can adapt and thrive in any environment known to mankind. While guys are in here studying what went wrong in their lives, most of us embark on a mission to grow in maturity and wisdom. With that growth comes the realization that women bring equality to our cipher. When guys hit this level of enlightenment, we all start looking for that one woman who we can spend the rest of our lives with. Therefore, when a Pretty Girl like yourself steps to the plate, we will guard that love with our lives!

The reason I’m the best candidate for this “relationship talk” is because I’m a man serving out a life sentence. I am a man like so many others, who once had love and then lost it all. Guys in here know what it’s like to be alone. We know how it feels to have your back against the wall, with the whole world against you. This makes us loyal and dedicated to those who show their allegiance in a major way.

Women, if you step into these gulags and make a man out to this nightmare, that individual will love you with all his might! When the gates finally crumble and he’s freed, he will run straight into your arms. He will become that protector and provider you longed for from the beginning or your courtship.

There’s a certain level of loyalty that comes when you pull a person out of a dark hole. That’s the type of loyalty men give to women who step in here and change their lives. Trust me when I tell you that a woman is a life-changer for a man who is doing time. Life in prison is always hard, but it’s even worse when you gotta do it all alone. So, when a beauty comes along and creates a bond with a beast, his whole life will be dedicated to cultivating a love that transcends all forms of limitations.

I invite you to come in here and take a look for yourself. Take a few laps around these compounds and see what you can find. There’s all kinds of different shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Men with real big hearts and a lot of love to give. Althoughall men in here are unique in their own way — we all have one thing in common. Everyone is looking for that one woman he can fall in love with and call his wife. Ultimately, we all want that Queen to hold us down till we can come home and make her life a beautiful experience…

WilbertoBelardo (AI4548) writes under the pen name King Guru. He is the author of several books and has many more to come. If you would like to contact him he can be reached thru]