Carl Davis professionally known as Gloaty , is an American upcoming Hip-Hop, R&B artist. He is considered to be an influential figure of his generation, with his music impacting the modern sound of Hip-Hop, R&B music Known for his eccentric vocal style and fashion. Carl Davis is an independent artist, independent musician is more complicated than one might think It comes down to market share ownership and so much more.

Carl Davis was Born in September 27, 1995 in Chicago Illinois. Many successful independent artists write their own songs or collaboratively write with people in their network, I think the state of Indies is very, very strong right now.

Gloaty: I love music because it is the poetry behind self expression. Music is a healer. The food that feeds my soul. All souls really Growing up with similar household situations and demographics many of “Us” have been faced with, I needed an energy source For me, that was and still is music.

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