Kenneth Green, aka K.g, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of 1986. Growing up, his time was divided between both parents as they separated when he was 3 years old. While living with his mother, K.g developed his love for music. He was blessed to have a mother who was a gifted singer with a talent in playing several instruments, favoring the drums. K.g followed in her footsteps and began learning to play at the age of 5. The love for music seemed to flow through his veins. His grandfather, Curly Moore, was a famous singer with a career beginning in the 60s and had hits such as, “Don’t Pity Me” and “Soul Train.” It’s only fitting that with this much talent in his DNA that he would create a name for himself.

Raised as a singer, K.g found that he was interested in and developed a passion for another type of music. At the age of 14, he began freestyling rhymes into a tape recorder. He played the recordings for his family and friends and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from his peers and so began writing. At first his style was influenced by artists such as; Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Snoopdogg, several other members of the early Cash Money label.

At 15, K.g began saving money for studio time. He was able to records his thoughts and fuse his lyrics with hard hitting base-line tracks. He put his heart and soul into the album and upon
hearing the final version he said, “hearing my voice on a CD was one of the best feelings in the world…I was so excited and couldn’t wait to let everyone hear what I had done.” Feeling optimistic, he released his first mixtape titled, “BakaTown S***”.

A few months later, Hurricane Katrina submerged New Orleans with 20ft storm surges leaving most homes under 6-9 feet of water. K.g and his family relocated to Indiana, then San Antonio, Texas. Life became normal again for K.g after he began high school and developed a friendship with Zario “Z- man” Christian, based on similar interests in music. They spent many hours in the studio and by 2006 K.g has a second mixtape titled, “Top Notch Music”.

His music career was growing as his life in the streets grew too. He quit school and fully immersed himself in street-life. Money was good…until it wasn’t. In 2007, K.g was apprehended by the San Antonio police for aggravated robbery. While he was incarcerated he learned that he was expecting his first child, a son. He was later released in 2008. With time served and freedom to be a father and a family man, in 2009 he had a second son.

Differences developed between himself and the mother of his sons which led to K.g and his sons relocating back to New Orleans. He continued to balance his life as a responsible father to his sons and his career as an artist, juggling family life with a job and studio time. In 2012, K,g met Finesse, ceo of Finesse Entertainment , who believed in K.g’s talent and invested in him. Finesse and K.g travelled several times to Memphis, Tennessee for open mics. During one of his trips, K.g met Sticky Fingers (an actor in the movie “Next Friday”) and Lord Infamous of “Three 6 Mafia”. Meeting them, and seeing the life they live made K.G. want to work harder and succeed with his music. K.G.went on tour, traveling from state to state, during which he opened for Meek Mills. He finally felt as if he was succeeding.

Late in 2012 K.g finished his 3rd mixtape “Reflection of A Killer”, the mixtape wasn’t dropped on any major platforms, and didn’t do as well as K.G. would’ve liked but he still kept pushing and created his label “Last Route Entertainment.” He wanted to become an independent artist, and do the things that he felt previous labels hadn’t done for him.

KG. began working with his long time friend, Aaron “Ace” Mercedel who introduced him to Corey “Mr. Serv-On” Smith, a former rapper of No Limit Records. Me. Serv-On believed in helping young and upcoming artists and offered K.g a once in a lifetime opportunity.l to go to Australia. In 2014 K.g welcomed his 3rd son into the world and shortly thereafter, traveled to Australia to work on a documentary with Mr Serv-On about violence in New Orleans and New Orleans Rappers. Some of the documentary was filmed in New Orleans, showing the day and life of young black men. The rest of the documentary was filmed in Australia to show the difference between the lifestyles of the young men, also wanting K.G. to experience what their life was like because he showed them a look into his. After K.g returned he worked with producer, rapper/singer Aaron “Ace” Mercadel and became a part of Boss Entertainment. While rapping with Boss Entertainment, K.g
opened for artists, Juvenile and Hot Boy Turk.

By 2016, K.g had his 1st baby girl, received his Associates of Science degree in drafting and design and was also nominated for “Best New Song” and “Best Video” along side Mr. Serv-On for their team-up in the song “Famous”, at the NOLA Hip-Hop Awards. His life and career were taking off and heading to the top was the goal.

K.g continued to move forward with his career. Although his career was doing good, His personal life took a turn when his good friend “Butta-B was murdered. At his funeral, K.G was introduced to Corey “CO’Baby” Coleman, CEO of Phreedom Records, LLC,. After several meetings and encounters with the CEO, K.G was offered a contract as a artist in the group “Tha Team”. Since signing, K.g was working as a group member of “Tha Team” with artist’s; G.o and Mastamynd. They dropped their first single, “I’m On One” which was a tribute to their brother and signed artist to
Phreedom Records, Butta B. Tha Team dropped a song titled, “Wave”, which did really well, leading them to release “Benz”, “In my zone” and “100 grand”. About a year after signing the group decided to part ways and pursue solo careers, because they all had different visions in the type of music and style
they wanted to present, all while remaining friends.

K.G. Went on to create music and release new songs. He also began to network with different people, forming friendships and relationships with people that had the same vision for success.While working with his cousin Cedric, YGNBigGreedy and CEO of YGN, “Young Greedy Nation”, he was introduced to music video producer, “Hollywood Pompeii” during the video recording for their song, “In My Bag”. Hollywood and K.G. formed an acquaintance, and began working together. K.G.hired the video producer to film a video for his song “Run It Up”, which was released on YouTube, gaining over 11,000 views. Realizing they shared the same passion for success, their acquaintance turned into a parternship/friendship, that would lead K.G to strike a deal with CEO of ParkerBoy Entertainment, PBE Pluto. K.G signed with ParkerBoy Entertainment in March 2022, and released his first single on May 21st, under the label titled, “Got It”, which is doing really well with the public.

K.g plans to release more music in the near future and wants to continue building his career as a artist. He is determined to build an empire for his family. He also plans to be socially involved in his community by being a role model and an outlet of knowledge for young men and aspiring rap artists in the New Orleans area, showing them that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication.



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