By Mike Enemigo

  1. Difference – Distance your cult from the establishment or norm. Form your own niche. People love to rebel against the norm.
  2. Connectors – Recruit successful, attractive, and sociable souls to spread the word and drive growth. These are your influencers.
  3. Exclusivity – Limit entry to your group. Not anyone can join or the members wouldn’t feel as special or enticed by it.
  4. Solidarity – A clear sense of belonging to the group creates loyalty and word-of-mouth.
  5. Ideology – A clear belief system outlines the values that the group is expected to uphold.
  6. Lovebomb – Overwhelm your customers with love to let them know how appreciated and welcome they are in the group.
  7. Paradox – Make joiners feel that they become more individual, despite the fact that they are joining a group. Make them feel like they are discovering a new sense of self, or finding a way to express their individuality.
  8. An Enemy – Define what you are and are not to rally your group against the competition.
  9. Contact – Splash your ideas onto the right people.
  10. Let go – Don’t be a wide-read, psychopathic, control-obsessive cult leader or you risk losing everything you’ve built. Allow the vision you’ve built to grow and evolve on its own.


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