Despite a 15 year prison bid, Casanova’s girlfriend, Swaggy Jazzy, has publicly declared her loyalty to the rapper.

On Tuesday (June 27), shortly after the verdict was passed down, shorty took to IG, sharing a pic with the rapper, captioning it: “I love you baby [heart emoji] We gon walk that shit down!”

Also on Tuesday, she addressed the recent story of Cas getting a “buck 50.”

“Now that he’s sentenced let me address this. I said they saying you got a buck 50 baby. He video called me and said they must be talking bout that buck 50 you put on my commissary,” she wrote. “That boy look good [heart-eyed cat emoji] Y’all tried it with the buck/ 50 He got a lil 2 dollars.”

Shout out to shorty for havin brody’s back. Hopefully she rides out the whole 15, something easier said than done. Either way, he got bread, so if she slide out, another will slide in. Easy work.

On another note, if you’re a loyal prison wife, hit da comments with how long you been ridin.

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