To be an artist is to constantly explore the depths of ability and dedication to the craft. As the laborer works and puts their physical body on the line to arrive at achievement in their line of work, in contrast the artist puts their emotions, their thoughts, their expression on the frontlines to be analyzed, poured over and criticized all for the sake of self expression and it’s related accolades.
Xilla’s debut YUCCA is an anthemic E.P with layers of production that put the writing and it’s presentation at the forefront. It’s heavy with aggression, truth and bars that are quotable which is everything in this digital age. It follows with the lead single “Smashmouth” that has similar levels of braggadocio and energy that cautions the unfamiliar with the warning of moving incorrectly in the game/region.

The E.P ends with Domino Effect that returns to heavy spirit and power that flex’s on flow, writing, and overall replay value. If there was any critique to the entire project it would be that it’s only four tracks but this is also a positive aspect as it leaves the listener ready for more not feeling depleted of energy.

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Yucca:Volume 1