By King Guru

Guys, we all know how to set the right mood when it’s time to get our Pretty Girl’s panties dripping. We know how to clean up nice, light up some candles and run that bubble bath. I’m very confident all you MAC’s out there know exactly how to plan a romantic evening. Well, here’s the thing, just ‘cuz you’re incarcerated doesn’t mean you can’t manufacture a romantic vibe when you’re interacting with your Pretty Girl.

Let’s break this down: what are the main ways of interacting/communicating with your (free) girlfriend?

  1. Phone
  2. Visits
  3. Letters and emails

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that women are beautiful creatures with expanded imaginations that are connected to every aspect of their physical bodies. The vibrations that are created by your vocal cords can trigger every emotion that’s floating around in the mind of your Pretty Girl. Women love to fantasize; they enjoy imagining things because the images they conjure in their minds are very much vivid and active in their eyes.

I love creating imaginary scenarios with the women I court. You can literally take a lady on a date to a faraway land anytime you want to. I always know I’m saying the right things to ’em when I’m on the phone spitting hard and the line goes completely silent. When a woman goes quiet while you’re MAC’n, it’s a sign that you’re doing your job extremely well.

Sometimes, all you gotta do is set the mood before you go in on a session of verbal seduction. As a matter of fact, let’s talk about this.

  1. PHONE: First of all, it helps to know your woman’s schedule. Not so you can micromanage her movements. It’s necessary information so you can set the best time for you to call her. Most of the places I’ve done time at give us phone sign-up sheets. You need to figure out the best time for you to call so you can have her total concentration. Never call her at work or when she’s running errands. Try to set up a time when she’s least bothered by her daily grind.

When you catch her on the phone – have an understanding with her that she’s expected to go into a room where she’s not gonna be bothered. We only get 15 minutes to talk on the phone, so she shouldn’t have a problem asking the kids to give her some personal time. She needs to understand and agree that when you call, it’s time for YOU and HER…

Now, I’m gonna give you a secret of the trade. If you have access to headphones that you can rest on your neck while you’re talking to baby on the phone, use ’em! Get you some slow music and have it playing in the background while you’re chopping Game with her. You want her to hear it in the background, thus setting the mood for a romantic evening…

  1. VISITS: At any and every visit, your lady is the number one attraction. Whenever your woman shows up to see you, imagine her up on a stage with a spotlight directed on her. That spotlight is your eyes, your attention, your energy! Since she is the main attraction, any time the spotlight leaves her, the show is about to be ruined! Never, ever allow that spotlight to leave your beautiful superstar!

It’s easy to set a romantic mood at a visit. All you gotta do is turn up the chivalry. Crowd your woman’s personal space. Stay in her ear, whisper sweet nothings in her earlobe. Lean in so close that she feels your breath on her neck. Give her goosebumps she’s been waiting for all week. Go hard! You should be the nicest man she’s ever known for as long as that visit lasts. Make her feel like she’s the only person in the room. This is how you set the right mood at a visit!

  1. LETTERS and EMAILS: I know sometimes there’s business that needs to be handled. Especially with my guys, cell block-block bleeders got business that needs to be addressed every once in a while. Chances are, your girl is who’s gonna be your hands and feet on the streets. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you maintain a level of equality. You have to spend more time building on and maintaining the emotional aspect of your relationship than you do handling business. It’s important that you shower your woman with affection, bros. If you catch yourself lagging on showing the wifey that she’s the most important thing in the world to you, backtrack and fix your transgressions. Do it fast!

[Note: When writing letters or emails, pay close attention to the content in every single sentence you write. Women have a way of dissecting letters meticulously. You can write a beautiful 4-page letter with all next-level MAC’n, but if there’s one sentence in there that has a hint of negative connotation, she’ll find it and lock onto it. No matter how many pretty things you wrote, the only thing she’ll see is that one bad statement!]

You can set the right mood despite your location. It’s not hard at all. Just pay attention to detail so you can create a romantic atmosphere. Master this aspect of the Game and your long-term seductions will go a lot smoother.


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