By Mike Enemigo

What if your bank suddenly started handing you free money at the end of every year? Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how to get FREE money from your bank account year after year.

If you’ve ever opened a basic savings account, you were probably surprised by how small the rate of return on your money is. It could sit there for months and years and only grow a tiny bit. That’s because, at the moment, interest rates are set at the lowest they’ve been in decades. Smart investors, however, have found a way to see a significantly higher return on their money and they’ve figured out how to do it without even changing banks or even switching branches.

It sounds like magic, but it’s just simple numbers. The secret is to agree to a few specific conditions when you open a savings account. If you do your research beforehand, you could be enjoying a hefty cash infusion at the end of each year.

One easy way to increase your yearly payout is to open a savings account that requires you to maintain a certain balance. An account with no minimum balance gets the lowest possible interest rate, which means you make basically no money off of it each year. By allowing the bank to hold onto more of your money, they will offer you a higher interest rate on your savings. For example, if you agree to keep $1,000 in the account at all times, you will receive a better return on your money than if you had one where they don’t care if you have $1.50 in it at the end of every month. But if you agree to keep $5,000 or more in the account, you will receive the best rates the bank can provide. This means that at the end of the year, you have more interest added for doing nothing more than letting your money sit there and get fat.

Some banks also offer rewards if you make certain electronic deposits each month into your account. If you agree to have your paycheck deposited electronically and allow a portion to stay in the account, you are rewarded with a higher interest rate. These terms vary from bank to bank, but the idea is if you are willing to have your paycheck automatically deposited, you are more likely to keep more of your money there. For this, you are granted a higher return on your cash. After a full year of paychecks, that interest can add up significantly.

Naturally, these plans only work if you have enough discretionary income to sit in a bank account. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of people, this won’t work for you.
But if you have the ability to go without touching a certain amount of your money — the higher, the better you really have nothing to lose by utilizing these higher interest rate accounts. It’s money that multiplies all by itself. Isn’t that the real American Dream?

About the Author:

Mike Enemigo is a former drug dealer. He’s now a successful “prisonpreneur” who’s turned his dirty hustle clean. With over 25 books published and many more on the way, he’s America’s #1 incarcerated author. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship and he’s written several books which teach prisoners and street hustlers how to make money legally so they can avoid the traps of prison and crime. Among these books are Hood Millionaire: How to Hustle & Win LEGALLY! (also published as getting Out, Get Rich: How to Make Money Legally When You Get Out of Prison!), and CEO Manual: Start a Business, Be a Boss! (Also published as The CEO Manual: How to Start Your Own Business When You Get Out of Prison!). For more information on Mike and his books, visit, where you can also subscribe to his blog, The Official Blog of The Cell Block, where he and other TCB authors provide raw, uncensored news, entertainment, and resources on the topics of prison and street-culture from a true, insider’s perspective. Be sure to also follow Mike on all social media at @mikeenemigo and @thecellblockofficial.