Pretty Girls, a lot happens in prison that we won’t always tell you about. Whether it’s about our egos, or protecting you from the harsh realities of prison-life, our censorship is never meant to hurt you. What you need to know is that there will be times when the pressure in here is thick. But the one thing that will always lift us up is a sincere, “I love you!” No matter what we’re going through, those three words will always put us back on our throne.

Let your man know you love him every chance you get. You can never say it too much. Tell ’em as soon as the call goes through and make sure you say it again when “the 60 second lady” cuts in on your phone call. Those three words are what keeps us pushing through the muck we live in.

Tell him you love him when you sense the distance. I know you can tell when he’s going through something, and that’s when he needs it the most. Even when you’re frustrated and tired, tell him you love him. “I love you” is always needed as well as appreciated. Those three words will always light the spark that keeps the fire in his heart alive.

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