1. Mackin’ is 20 percent talk, 80 percent attitude. If your game and your gear are tight enough, you can pull females without saying anything at all.
  2. There are two ways to handle any relationship situation: Like a trick, or like a Mack. When a relationship problem arises, a man is either going to mack up, or trick off. You’re either going to be a player or a payer. Always be a mack.
  3. To be a true mack, you must have integrity. To be a mack is to be a boss. And in order to be a leader, you must be worthy of being followed.
  4. Always qualify your females before you start mackin’. Mackin’ to a female who isn’t qualified to received good game is like speaking Chinese to a Mexican. No matter how tight your game is, she simply won’t understand.
  5. Respect the rules of the game. The mackin’ game, on a street level, is the only hustle with its own set of rules. Anyone can be a drug dealer. Anyone can be a carjacker. But you must abide by certain rules to be a successful mack.
  6. A mack must be tactful. A mack’s game should always be appropriate to the situation. Don’t be overly energetic when you should be low-key, and vice-versa. Remember that there is a time and place for everything.
  7. A true mack must always have options. You should always be in a position where you can recruit and dismiss (also known as “cop and blow”) females at a whim. The day your females see that you have run out of options is the day you lose.
  8. Never follow your woman. It’s OK to get input from your woman. It’s even OK to get knowledge from your woman. But the minute you put your woman is a position of leadership over you, she will lose respect for you. Never let your woman determine your role in the relationship. It’s your job as a mack to set your own agenda.
  9. A mack must constantly upgrade his game and reinvent himself. Familiarity breeds contempt. You must always keep your females in suspense, never knowing what you will do next, A true mack must always have new tricks up his sleeve.
  10. Require your females to bring more to the table than just sexual gratification. If you don’t require your lady to bring any real assets to the table, she will assume that her sexual gratification is an asset, thus putting you in the position of a trick. You must let women know that sex is so readily available to you that it has no value.

Source: King Flex

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